Our greenhouse offers a unique assortment of annuals, perennials, succulents, small shrubs and trees, and pottery. Our greenhouse staff specializes in custom outdoor potted arrangements to create your own unique exterior. Once we decide on a design and color choice we order your plants and care for them in our greenhouse. Your plants will begin growing and remain climate controlled until we are safe from frost. We can then deliver your potted arrangements and install any other plants necessary. Our flower care team is trained in proper horticulture practices and can care for your flowers whether you are home or away. At the end of the season, we clean your pots and prepare them for winter storage.

Dynamic-Landscaping Syracuse- Indiana-greenhouse
Dynamic-Landscaping Syracuse- Indiana-greenhouse
We Offer Three Plant Care Packages:

Bronze Package

  • Watering & fertilizing
  • Occasional trimming of potted annuals, window boxes, & hanging baskets
  • Once weekly on Wednesdays

Silver Package

  • Watering & fertilizing
  • Occasional trimming of potted annuals, window boxes, & hanging baskets
  • Twice weekly on Tues & Thurs

Gold Package

  • Watering & fertilizing, withered plants are replaced.
  • Occasional trimming of potted annuals, window boxes, & hanging baskets. 100% guarantee.
  • Three times weekly on Mon, Wed & Fri


We offer a wide variety of annuals for your planting needs as well as potted annuals and hanging baskets. Annuals complete their lifecycle in one year and will continue to bloom throughout the season. They work wonderfully to give your garden/landscape a pop of color and allow you to change the look quite easily. They are also common choices for potted arrangements and hanging baskets.

Our flower care team can help you achieve your desired look and can design, order, arrange, care for, and install your annual plants. Check out our Plant Care Packages!

dynamic landscape-syracuse-annuals-flowers-red


Our greenhouse has a wide variety of perennial plants from green leafy plants to floral varieties. Unlike annuals, perennials have stronger roots and come back every year, thus requiring less work than annuals, and they typically bloom for just one season. They are a nice choice for filling in your landscape. Some popular perennials include hostas, ferns, coneflowers, purple sage, elephant ears, cosmos, gladiolus, and lavender.

Our team can help choose the right plants that fit your landscape. We can help design, arrange, and install your perennial plants to achieve your desired look!



We offer an assortment of succulents in various colors, textures, and sizes. Succulents are low-maintenance plants and grow easily both inside and outside, as their thick skin helps them to retain moisture well and they require minimal watering. They are commonly placed on window-sills, throughout indoor living spaces, or hanging from ceiling and walls. You can group them together in colorful collections, or keep them separate in small pots/containers.

Contact our greenhouse staff about designing a succulent arrangement for you.

Succulent plants at Dynamic Landscaping Greenhouse
Succulent plants at dynamic landscaping
Succulent plants at Dynamic Landscaping Greenhouse

Trees & Shrubs

Small trees & shrubs are key elements in a nice, structured landscape and can be used to add color, warmth, privacy, shade, and fullness to your landscape. It is important to match your tree and shrub species with the appropriate location to ensure proper levels of moisture and shade. You will also want to consider the maximum size of the tree or shrub and place accordingly, with adequate space away from house, roads, power lines, or pipes.

Contact our greenhouse team can help you find the best trees and shrubs for your particular landscape. 



We carry an assortment of pottery in various colors, shapes, and sizes for your indoor or outdoor plants including floor-standing pots, medium to small sized pots, terra-cotta, ceramic, and glazed pots. Ceramic/clay pots tend to be a more visually appealing, classic choice to hold your plants. They are sturdy and can withstand the elements and higher temperatures more effectively than plastic containers and other materials. Our glazed ceramic pots will hold moisture in for longer periods of time.

Contact our greenhouse team about choosing the best pots for your needs or designing a potted arrangement!



Our greenhouse offers landscaping fountains in a variety of shapes and sizes. Fountains are a great way to add curb appeal and charm to your landscape. Adding water elements will also attract more wildlife such as birds, rabbits, and squirrels. There is something very soothing and peaceful about running water, and it really can transform your landscape. When placing your fountains, think of the best location that it can be seen and heard from indoors and outdoors, or maybe heard from your patio, and avoid placing fountains beneath trees that drop leaves. Fountains make a wonderful accent in your garden!

Contact our greenhouse team about selecting and placing your new fountain!

Massarelli Fountains
Massarelli Fountains
Massarelli Fountains
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